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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pipes: Jeantet French Horn

Hi there! Thanks for coming on back and visiting me today. I am on a roll this morning, yezz! Laundry is done, breakfast has been eaten, floors have been swept and mopped, and I am now spending time with you all. I almost forgot to turn on my music this morning, what was I thinking?! I was going to play some Country music and decided on Top 40. I used to have a channel saved that played a little of all genres of music, but I lost it or maybe it went away and I haven't been able to find another channel like that, such is life.

Speaking of life and not being able to find something, that brings us to the pipe of the day. It is a Jeantet French Horn. I didn't know much about the Jeantet name before we got this one. We really liked it for the smooth round lines and that it reminded us of a Chacom pipe. It, also, is our first Horn. We have looked at many horns in our time and just never got one, until now.

When I read more on Jeantet and who they were, it made sense why it was ringing "Chacom" in our brain sensors. Jeantet has a long history dating back to 1775, wow! Let that sink in for a minute, 1775, 243 years ago. They saw many ups and down along their path and their climax of pipe making was actually around 1969, some 194 years later. After this peak, they started dwindling again and soon merged with Cuty Fort Group, which is headed by Chacom, in 1988. After the merge, Chacom closed the Jeantet plant and produced the Jeantet pipes as a sub-brand by Chapuis-Comoy, who's mainstay is Chacom.
Look at those curves!

Horns can vary greatly from maker to maker. In general, the Horn shape features a smooth taper from rim to bit. The bowl is set at a deep forward cant and the transition is normally fluid and sweeping. It has a nice hold in the hand and not so much a teeth clencher. The airway is almost straight through with a Horn that some may find unappealing as a much slower draw is needed as it's easier to get dottle/ash to come through. Depending on the cant of the bowl, some are hard to see to light. With all of that said, the tobacco burns fine, not uneven, and smokes to the bottom no problem.

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