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Friday, January 12, 2018

Pipes: Mastro Beraldi Sitter

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all enjoying your new year and sticking to the resolutions that were made. I, normally, do my go to resolution of trying to compliment someone each day. Finding something positive to say to people when talking with them. I found it hard towards the end of the year to do this, though. I haven't officially made a resolution this year, not for lack of thinking on it. Maybe I won't. I could say that my resolution is reevaluating my thoughts on topics and people. I have been focused on that the majority of the new year. Change is good and having focus on what matters most is better.

The pipe of today is the Mastro Beraldi Sitter. The grain work color is just unbelievable. The cream white stem is what really sets off this unique pipe. It has an angled two step type of step with the front having a higher step then the back of the stem. The burl, nubby like growths, on this is superb. This is a showcase piece as we have a Beraldi in rotation, already.

In pipe-making, there are two types of burl sections: ebauchon  and plateaux. Ebauchon burl blocks are usually rectangular in shape and cut from the center of the burl. They tend to have a more random grain pattern and are the least expensive. Plateaux burl blocks are cut from the outer edge of the burl, and are usually in a quarter-round shape which still includes the bark on the outside edge. They tend to have a more consistent grain pattern, and are more expensive than ebauchon burl blanks.

Let me know what resolutions you made, or did not make, down in the comment section below.

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