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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pipes: Savinelli Marte Rusticated 320 KS

Hi everyone! We are almost through the week, hang in there, I know you can do it! I have started, though minimally, working on my book of flavors for the tobacco I mentioned the other day. I want to just spend a whole day doing it and be done; however, life continues on and sometimes doesn't care what I want to do, ha! I will get there and let everyone know when it is completed.

The pipe of today is the Savinelli Marte Rusticated 320 KS. We, my husband and I, were visiting our niece before Christmas and wanted to get out of the house and jot around, so we looked up local pipe places and off we went. The first one we went to was closed, little family owned shop, they had an emergency and closed for the day 😑. Though, while we were sitting in the parking lot looking up another place to go, other patrons drove up to visit the shop and we started talking with them. What is it about pipes and the "brotherhood" that automatically opens up the communication lines with strangers? It is a sense of belonging and everyone wants to belong to something.

Off we went to The Wharf. It was fairly easy to find and the staff was very helpful. They had a nice selection of tobacco, cigars, and pipes, among other things. My husband and I went through the whole shop taking it all in with my niece right beside me. I appreciate her tagging along and hanging out with us even though it is not her thing. I was telling her information about the different items and some tidbits that I knew about and etc.. She was a trooper. We looked in all the cases, picked out a couple items, and were on our way out when I stopped by one case and saw this beauty. It was the 320 KS. They had several there, but this one was peaking his head out saying "hi" to me.

The one thing I was put off by, personal preference, was nothing had prices on them. I disliked that I had to ask about everything and they would take it and walk away and come back with a price. I, personally, feel like that they should know the prices off the top of their head or have prices listed on the box or pipe, itself. This one, for example, is a 320 KS. Savinelli marks their pipes with the number and name, thank goodness. However, it was in a 321 box, which is the smaller version of this one. (Smaller does not always mean less expensive) No biggie, it's just a label on a box, but when he took it away to find a price, he priced it for the label on the box and not the pipe itself. When he returned he said the 321 is X amount. My husband stepped in and mentioned it was a 320, and the sales guy said "Oh, that's OK, I already quoted you the price, so you can have it at that price." 😲  But wait, what?! OK, thanks, I guess.

Anyhow, we looked it up online for pricing and the price mentioned was running market, and I did like it, so we bought it. It is plump, round, and stout throughout. This is one of Savinelli's most popular designs. This one is a warm dark rustication paired with a broad copper and chrome band. Its length is 5.39" and weight is 2.60 oz. The height is 1.63" and the outside diameter is 1.89". This is a briar with an acrylic stem.

Bold Italian Author shape

Now that we have several 320's, I get the appeal to them and why they are so popular. I, normally, go for the longer pipes, but the hold is really great on a 320KS and I forget about the length when using it as it's not a problem at all. I don't use the 320KS to test out tobacco, though. I want to ensure that it is something I like the note on as it is closer to my nose, lol.

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