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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pipes: SMS Meerschaum Hand Holding Skull

Good morrow to you all and I hope this finds you awake and happy. I am up and had my apple for breakfast, drinking some coffee, got the tunes flowing, and about to start my journey for today. Do you ever look at your feeds on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter and think they need an overhaul? I feel like I'm bored with my feeds and I'm unsure if I need to delete some feeds or add new ones. Is it just Winter time blahs that has me mindlessly scrolling through the feeds thinking "Yep, yep, seen it, duplicate, same thing, same thing, nothing new, bored" and then leaving site? I'm not even sure what new items/people I want to follow to even look around. I suppose I will give it time and see what arouses my interest to switch. Let me know in the comment section who your favorites are right now.

I do have a favorite of today, though! It is a long 7.75" of freehand carved meerschaum. It is the SMS Meerschaum Hand Holding Skull pipe. The claw-holding egg motif is common to meerschaum pipes, however, this is a twist on that tradition. It is a human hand holding a finely detailed skull. The shank features the flare of the sleeve before giving way to the more traditional arrangement.

The weight of this is 4.29 oz. This material can vary widely in density and most are very light. Occasionally, there are some that are denser than briar by a noticeable degree. The height is 2.64" and the outside diameter is 2.27". This is a showcase pipe, now. It didn't start off that way, oh no. I was told this would be in rotation and once received, quickly became a showcase piece, ha! We do have four other meerschaum's in rotation, thus, this one just stares and watches the scenery.

Hayret Verici!

Meerschaum is a soft, white mineral valued for pipe-making on account of its ease of carving when wet. The name comes from the German word for "seafoam" for its appearance and often light density. Also, this has been found, from time to time, floating on the Black Sea  It has exceptionally pure flavor qualities it produces from a smoke and, for practical purposes, is immune to burn-out. When the term "meerschaum" is used alone, it usually refers to Turkish meerschaum, which originates from the mines of the Eskisehir region.

The best part of owning a meerschaum is that it is porous and acts as a filter, drawing tars and moisture out of the smoke before it reaches your mouth. This is also why and how it gets its coloring. It imparts no flavor to the tobacco like a briar will, such as ghosting. So, when it is smoked, only the true flavor comes through of the particular tobacco. There is no need to let the pipe rest a day in between smokes. In my opinion, as everyone has their own way and what they enjoy best (as they should!), it is best to tamp and not stir and dump it out when you get to the top of the hole in the shaft.

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