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Monday, January 22, 2018

Tobacco Flavors, Keeping Them Straight

Hello, Hello! Woohoo, we made it through the weekend. No hospital or jail stays on our side, ha! It was nice weather for us this weekend, and the traffic showed it. I don't blame everyone for wanting to get out and about in the nicer sunshine; I was one of those people, also. Who am I to judge? I just took it slower and wasn't in any rush to get anywhere. I was in good company, so why hasten my time with him and cause a wreck with someone. I saw several incidents during the day and something was going on down the road of the local smoke hole on Saturday night that had Firetrucks coming from every direction and a couple of them missed the turn and had to come on back. I never did see anything when we passed the area. I suppose that is a good thing.

You know what else is good? Tobacco, to go in all those pipes. Whether you are an aromatic or non-aromatic person, tobacco must make its way to the pipe if it ever plans on being smoked. I like both. My husband likes aromatic. He has found his favorite, already. He loves the Molto Dolce. Let me stress LOVES. I haven't found my "one", yet, that I would take on a deserted island with me forever. I have come close a few times. I do have some favorites (e.g. Black Squire and Sleepy Hollow), but I don't have a "the one", yet.

We have over 168 oz. of tobacco. It sounds like heaps and loads when broken down by ounces. It is a total of 78 blends. There are still thousands more out there to try. We try them over and over again. Taste buds change, feelings change, moods change, and believe it or not, all of that goes into a great smoke. When we started out, we bought a couple aromatics to try. They are a great starting point when not knowing what one likes. I still remember the flavor of the first one, you can probably guess, cherry. It is easy to remember the flavor of the first one or the favorites, but what about all the rest? 

When we buy/receive tobacco, we normally jar up the open and cellar the unopened. We write on the label who it is, what it is, and from where we got it. We have a spreadsheet where we keep all the names and score of each smoke, on a scale of 1 -5, with small notes added about them (e.g. little to no flavor or poor room note). We have an overall score for each of us where we take the mean of all of our scores and his is 3.2 and mine is 3.4. Our top ones are fairly consistent with each other and our bottom ones are, as well. It is all of them in between that we don't see eye to eye on, sometimes.

Peterson Founder's Choice Burning Leaf
The Founder's Choice, part of the "Founders Collection" of three tobaccos honoring Charles Peterson and the Kapp brothers Henry and Fredrick.

Guess what we didn't do? The flavor. When there are only a few tobaccos to choose from it is easy to remember the flavors. When they start piling up, it is much harder. I do have them separated in the hutch by non-aromatic and aromatic, but no flavor. It never occurred to me that this would be a concern one day. Here we are 70+ tobaccos later and it is. I went to pull one Saturday to go hang out at the local smoke hole for a few and I knew what type of flavor I wanted and..... you probably have guessed by now..... I had no clue which one would satisfy what I was in search of for a tobacco. I ended up breaking the seal on a Cornell & Diehl and adding it to my rotation.

This had me thinking that this must be corrected and quick. I asked around on Saturday and received a few answers, ha! I think, going forward, I will write the notes on the label. Also, to add to that, I am going to keep a small notebook in the hutch with names and descriptions. When I go to Barclay's in town, they have a notebook they keep beside the bulk area of what each note/flavor may be. I like that idea. I am wondering if it might be a bit much to keep up with and if it turns out to be, then I will stick to just the labels. Further, it will be a nice touch if we have company over and they are unsure about one of the tobacco's, then they will have a look book to choose from for a smoke.

Let me know what you do or how you do it in the comment section below.

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