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Friday, February 9, 2018

Ascorti Business SKS Silver Spigot Pipe

One of my favorite Authors, Laurell K. Hamilton, posted a quick Tweet yesterday that stated something about the key to writing is to just write. Stay off social media and just write. Write anything and everything, but get off-line and write, while she continued to be on social media, ha! I think that was the point of it. It is her weakness, social media. I can't tell you how many times over the years she has scolded herself because she found other things to do besides writing. As much as she loves writing, she still gets distracted. This happens to everyone now and again with anything they do. It is normal and expected to a degree. Must... remember... to... get... back... to... work... though...

The weakness, erm pipe, of today is the Ascorti Business SKS Silver Spigot Pipe. It is a girthy thing with an allure from lip to bowl. Master pipe maker, Roberto Ascorti, carefully cures and seasons the briar until all excess resin and moisture disappear, leaving a featherlight and absorbent briar block. No two Ascorti pipes are ever exactly alike, as each is carved by hand to the optimum shape dictated by the natural grain of the briar. The pipes are fitted with a hand-carved Lucite stem, which never tarnishes, and boxed with a beautiful leather glove.

Business SKS Silver Spigot Pipe

The length is 5.5". Although, when holding it, one would think it is longer. The height is an impressive 2.5". The weight is 3.2 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.84". I thought the outside diameter would've been larger, but the caliper doesn't lie. It holds beautifully in the hand and the mix of smooth and rusticated panels on this pipe do it pure justice. This is our first Ascorti. It went into the showcase when we brought it home. We have plenty of others in the rotation that this handsome one would get lost in the shuffle.

Business SKS Silver Spigot Pipe showcase

Ascorti learned the trade from his father Giusseppe "Peppino" Ascorti (a talented pipe maker in his own right, having worked for Castello, and later becoming one of the founding members of Caminetto). Roberto decided to devote himself full-time to crafting quality briar pipes. With a little help from his family, Roberto opened up his own workshop and began crafting Ascorti pipes. Decades later, the workshop is still producing quality, Italian pipes inspired by the northern Italian tradition and brought into the modern stage in their range of finishes, shapes, and use of alternative mediums.

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