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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Luigi Viprati Rustic Bent Egg

Mmm- mmm! This coffee is hitting me right this morn! The taste, the aroma, and the company makes for a great start of the day. We are going to the Tinder Box today to meet up with the pipe and cigar locals, spend some time, and stay out of this freezing weather. I have lived up here for a many number of years and I still can't. I am Southern to the core, including needing warm temperatures. The things we do for our husbands πŸ˜‰ πŸ’‘.

Along with doing things for our husbands, is this pipe of the day. We were talking about picking up an Ardor pipe and discussing which one. He is a sucker for blue stems, or blue anything, and he also has taken a liking to white stems. We pretty much had it narrowed down to a couple and I kept noticing his eye going up to the Viprati's. One in particular, the white stem one. I took it down and was looking at it and the quality is exceptional. Sometimes, while holding a pipe, the true mastery comes through and the thought shines in its bends and curves. Along with the Ardor he wanted, we welcomed our fist Luigi Viprati into the showcase.

Pipes Italian
Years of dedication show in this pipe

The length of this one is 5.75" and the weight is 2.40 oz.. The height is 1.62" and the outside diameter is 1.95". Viprati states that "The briar roots, carved and cleaned of their branches, are first transformed by the sawyers and then boiled for a whole day. Whereas, the craftsman who will carve the roots is totally responsible for the seasoning phase, which most affects the quality of the pipe, and as a consequence, the pleasure of smoking it. Personally I carve the briar roots after 3-4 years for commercial pipes and after 7-10 years for top quality pipes." It's the details that are magnetizing and this pipe is certainly that. 

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