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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rinaldo Titania Lithos Pipe

Good morrow all! I have an update on the FB status, if inquiring minds wanted to know {by show of comments below, who remembers the trademarked slogan for The Enquirer in 1981? We wore that out in school, ha!}. They told me I was trying to impersonate someone, so I am banned from FB and unable to create an account ๐Ÿ‘ฝ. I am baffled by this as I didn't know I was that famous of a person to try to impersonate, but hey, thank you for thinking I am {insert tipped hat} - hardy har har! Saves me a step from deleting it, now on to bigger and better things, like sharing my life with everyone on here, yeah!

This pipe today is bigger and better, so manly, gentlemanly, so damn nice! It is a Rinaldo Titania Lithos. This one is "technically" my husband's in the showcase. However, I nudged *cough pushed cough* him to get it. I just look at this and oh my goodness, wow! It is one of the most aristocratic pipes I have seen in a while. I was showing this pipe to my eldest sister and niece the other day and we were just carrying on about how strong it was.

The brothers, Elio and Guido Rinaldo, produce about 1500 pipes annually. They decided to work together back in 1987. Guido is responsible for making all the silver bands and accents on-site. Elio began making pipes when he was 15. There are such few families of pipe-makers these days that it is truly such a pleasure to own a Rinaldo. They use acrylic stems and their pipes are finished either smooth, sandblasted, or rusticated.

Pipes Tobacco Life Gentleman Ladies
Can't stop staring!

The length of this nobleman is 5.25" and the height is 2.19". The weight is 3.10 oz. and outside diameter is 2.63". This is a briar and the shape is a bent apple. Rinaldo offers three distinct bowl sizes: standard, titania, and megas. Standard size means the traditional sized bowl found in many different pipes. The titania size means that the bowl has a bigger dimension than the standard size and has more room for tobacco in the pipe. The megas size is a giant size bowl and it is one of the most uniquely sized pipes available today. The titania and megas are more commonly sought out for collectors.

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