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Friday, February 23, 2018

Savinelli Marron Glace Smooth 320KS

Did everyone have a great week? I know you did! Even with the little ups and downs, you are still here another day to tell your story. It is your life, own it! Everything that happens to you is your story to tell and what an amazing story it is. There are no mistakes in life, just lessons. Whether you are winning or learning, embrace it as a new perspective on life and spread your story.

320ks winning learning life cigar piping

One story I recently heard was from a member at the ole smoke hole last weekend. He smoked cigarettes since he was knee-high to a bullfrog. His family and friends did it and he followed suit. When he got older, he didn't want to stop smoking as the one time he did try, he gained so much weight and was not happy with that. He traded off one habit with another.

He decided to switch to cigars. He had heard that they were less nicotine, though now, he doesn't know if he really believes that other than with cigars he was not smoking as many so maybe in turn not as much nicotine that way. He moved to piping in his more experienced years now that he has time to relax and can choose the low to no nicotine tobacco and uses filters in his pipes. He is immensely enjoying his pipe, though he misses the routine of a cigar, if he doesn't have the hour or two, or traveling somewhere. He stumbled upon the smokeless zero nicotine Cuvanna Electric Cigar. It gives him all the habit and routine he needs while satisfying his zero nicotine requirement. He feels he is still winning and learning in life and wanted to share his story with everyone!

This pipe of today is winning on so many levels! It is the Savinelli Marron Glace Smooth 320KS. This one is a head turner and receives so many compliments. It has an almost ball-like bowl and this smooth-finished Author fits gently in the hand. The jade and onyx marbling along the acrylic stem, paired with the simplicity of a thin metallic accent band, give this 320 a uniquely refined look.

smooth 320 ks pipe life tobacco jade onyx

This one can be used with a 6mm filter or without. The length is 5.44" and the weight: 2.30 oz. The height is 1.64" and the outside diameter is 1.88". I am not sure if this picture does enough justice to this marbling on the stem, especially when the light hits it, WOW!

320ks pipe life jade onyx tobacco

The Author shape is essentially a Prince with a larger, beefier, squatter bowl and a stem that can bend as much as 1/8 to 1/4. The apple bowl is a rounded version of the Billiard. The bowl is curved on both sides, much like the fruit it's named for, and usually has a round shank.

Until next time, keep winning and learning in life!

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