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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Savinelli Oceano Rusticated 320KS

One of my blogs last month mentioned my Savinelli 320 and people loved it. I knew it was one of Savinelli's most popular shapes and offered comfortable proportions and a graceful silhouette, but I had no idea just how popular it was.

Among the questions and comments, people were wondering if we had any others, did we have a collection, and can we send a pic of the others that we did have either in the rotation or in the showcase? We did switch pics with some people and ooo'd and ahh'd over other collections. That brings me to today. Instead of individually sending and answering to everyone, why not just include them in the blog. That was kind of a no-brainer once it came to me, ha!

The Savinelli Oceano Rusticated 320KS Author is balancing plump, full curves with an elegant 1/8 bend. It's pictured below in the Oceano's dark, ruby-tinged rustication. I have a hunch that many already know why we had to have this particular one. If you have read a few blogs before, you know by now that anything blue or white stemmed catches my husband's eye and is pretty much a must-have. So, when this beauty was released that had the unique swirled stem of blue and cream colored acrylic, it was pretty much in hand as soon as it could be.

Oceano Rusticated Pipe Author

This Oceano has a length of 5.38" and a height of 1.64". The weight is 2.60 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.99". This, like most of the Savinelli's, does come with the 6mm filter and can be used with or without the filter. This is one debate that is as colorful as a rainbow on whether to filter or not to filter. That is one of the great things about using a pipe, it can be tailored for one's own personal enjoyment and use. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your pipe. Well, maybe don't hold it upside down, but hey! what do I know?

Oceano Rusticated Pipe Author

Savinelli has many different pipes, shapes, colors, lengths, and sizes. There is sure to be one out there that will suit even the most discriminating of users. This one, in my opinion, may not be the best mouth hanger because of it's hefty weight and fatter stem, but not every person every time wants a mouth hanger. I, particularly, like to hold my pipes in my hand and enjoy the feel of them. To each their own; live life and be happy!

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