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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Savinelli Porto Cervo Rusticated 320KS

Hi! Welcome back! Just got back from the dentist. I made an A+. I always do! I am so good with my teeth, why do they forsake me sometimes, though? I am so hard on my teeth and they take it like a pro. I changed to a new dentist last year and it was a good change, indeed. I feel so much better with her and her team. She empowers them to do their job and it is run like a finely oiled machine. After seeing her for a year and having two cleanings and one crown under my belt with Dr. Meyers, I feel confident in saying that I have found a new credence with dentistry again and look forward to many more years with this practice.

I feel the utmost confidence in my pipe of the day, also! It is the Savinelli Porto Cervo Rusticated 320KS. The rotund, almost ball-like bowl of Savinelli's 320 Author, paired with the short, fat shank and the bent stem is just a combination that works to my eye. Like so many of the other Apple family shapes, the Author isn't normally a shape I think of as being a larger pipe, but it works extremely well, with the size emphasizing the big, bold masculine lines of the shape.

rusticated 320KS pipe life

I really thought I already shared this one with y'all, but I read and reread and didn't see it. This one is not done justice in the pictures. I love how the rim is light to match the band and the rustication is the darker brown. The rustication itself is done so well; it is a remembrance of almost a basket weave, per se. It hints around with a playful youngness to it while still holding onto the older semblance.

rusticated 320ks pipe life

The length is 5.40" and the weight is 2.30 oz. The height: 1.63" and the outside diameter is 1.94". This, too, can hold a 6mm filter and the stem is vulcanite. If you are a clencher, then a 320 might not be for you as the weight is something of a devil. If you don't mind the smoke being a little closer to your nose, then it may work for you. It does great with flakes and cubes. It fits nicely in the hand and holds well. A 320 is never a wrong choice when deciding on a pipe. Smoke what you like and like what you smoke is a common saying around the smoke hole. A pipe is a personal preference and it should fit the person just like a good pair of glasses.

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