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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Savinelli Roma 320KS

Good morrow to you all! It reached to warmer temps last week, relatively speaking. Of course, that brought rain, That is OK, it helps wash the salt off of everything and helps Mother Nature begin anew. The ground is still hard so the rain seems to set on top in a lot of areas; the sun helps with absorbing the wetness, too. I tend to find wonderment in nature and enamored by the circle of life. It truly is a blessing to wake up every day to celebrate another day of life.

Going along in our collection series of Savinelli 320's is the Savinelli Roma 320KS. The Roma is one of the most longstanding popular series of the Savinelli company, and a quick look at the pipe will show why. The Roma line has classic hand-friendly shapes, and top-notch rustication, as well as, a splendid band. This is a solid lineup upon which to expand a rotation and collection.

Roma 320 KS rusticated

Most of the new boxed Savinelli's come with a pipe bag, a 6mm filter pack, and a little pamphlet. The ziplock bag with the Italian flag on it holds the filters. It can be used with or without the filters. Generally speaking, a filter can be used a couple of times, then you will want to replace it with a new one.

The 320 KS is chubby, compact, and an utterly charming Author. I personally find the Savinelli "320" shape hard to resist. It becomes even harder to say "no" when offered in the generous KS designation from the dark and lovely Roma line.

Roma 320 KS rusticated

The length is 5.37" and the weight is a nice 2.30 oz. The bowl height is 1.65" and the outside diameter is 1.95 in. The stem material on this one is vulcanite and it has a rusticated finish.

Vulcanite and Ebonite are essentially the same material: Vulcanized rubber. The process of vulcanization converts natural rubber into a harder and more durable material. Ebonite was simply a brand name obtained by Charles Goodyear for the vulcanized rubber material. The addition of sulfur is what leads to this material oxidizing (turning yellowish or brownish - which can easily be polished away).

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