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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Savinelli Trevi Rusticated 320KS

My husband is working from home today. It is a rarity indeed. The weather has to be severe and a level 3 to keep him home. He likes the interaction at work and likes finding the people he needs to find when "not available" on chat. He also has his three behemoths of monitors. At home, he has one (regular size, but to him, tiny) monitor. He is in training on a new software for the bank and when they train, they WFH or try to find a conference room for fewer interruptions. I get the delectation of listening to the training as we share an office. You guys, I actually know some of this stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฒ! It is amazing how multifarious careers cross paths.

As diversified as careers are, so are the Savinelli 320's. Today's pipe is the Savinelli Trevi Rusticated 320KS. This one may be the most popular out of all the 320's. I am unsure if it is the pricing or the look or a combination thereof, but it works! The Savinelli 320 is among the few that have really kept the Author shape alive. The rotund, almost ball-like bowl, paired with the short, fat shank, and a bent stem is just a combination that works. Like numerous other Apple family shapes, the Author isn't normally thought of as being a larger pipe, but it works extremely well in the KS. The size emphasizes the big, bold masculine lines of the shape, and the filigree band adds the right touch of flash.

rusticated pipe 320ks

I haven't mentioned this, yet, and it should be mentioned. This is a small detail that I delight in and it is the Savinelli stamp on the stem. The color of stamp matches the pipe, band, or color. I appreciate the thought that goes into the color of stamp contrary to using the same color on all of them. This, too, can be used with or without a 6mm filter.

rusticated pipe 320ks

The length is 5.42" and the weight is 2.60 oz. The height is 1.65" and the outside diameter is 1.97". The bowl is rusticated and the stem is acrylic. The Trevi comes in smooth and rusticated, brown, and black. It is sure to be your next favorite pipe. I know it is one of mine. 

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