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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ardor Urano Red/Brown Poker

OK, OK, OK! I'm back! Did you miss me? Of course, you did, such a silly question. I've had my coffee and got some steps in today and now to the blog. Today's blog is about a very recent procurement. It came with buyer's remorse. Not because I didn't love it just that I know I didn't need another pipe. Have you felt this way before over a pipe or anything? I have so many in showcase and rotation that this purchase was merely an extreme want and not a need at all. I love the color and how it held. It was made for my hand, or so I told myself.

It isn't often and rarely if at all, I get buyer's remorse. I am not one to buy things. I enjoy life without basing it on material things. I like what I like and use what I have and enjoy the time spent doing rather than buying. However, when I do buy, I get what I want. We just bought some pipes during the Peterson show held recently at the local Tinder Box, so we were fine. They had this one there then, and I really liked another one over this one and got the other one.The other one is breathtaking to me and I was overjoyed with that one.

We stopped by there a week later and they still had this one and it was the last day of the sale and was 20% off the price and I was thinking that it was a good price and one thing led to another, boda bing boda boo, and voila. It goes without saying that I love it. And come on guys, it is a pipe, it is not like I bought a cupcake and it's gone and I have nothing to show for it. I have this beauty sitting up front and center in the case. The sun catches the beauty of the colors brilliantly and it's a poker. We only have maybe two pokers, maybe three. It is a great addition and I am happy I have it. I just have to get over the remorse of buying an item when I have many.

pipe sitter new tobacco life ladies color

Ardor, the name itself means passion, zeal, and intensity. What a great name for a company, don't you think? In reality, in 1974 Dorelio Rovera, with his father Angelo, established the Ardor Pipe name which comes from the "AR" (Angelo Rovera) and "DOR" (Dorelio Rovera). Dorelio personally chooses the briar which is left seasoning for at least 4 to 5 years before it is worked. It is stocked in particular baskets which leave the wood always visible and airy. Ardor is a pipe company which is always looking for innovations, indispensable to collectors, but trying to offer a very high-level product in the smoking aspect and performance of the briar, always dried and light for a higher comfort of the smoker.

rusticated new pipe sitter color ladies life tobacco

This whimsical take on the traditional Poker is certainly heavy on character. A bow-curved shaped bowl conceals a deep chamber within while providing a visual counterpoint to an upward-ebbing shank and stem arrangement. It sits without trouble making it a good candidate for a desk pipe. Topped with a light coffee acrylic and silver band combination, it's cheerfully bright, and its red-stained rusticated finish is delightfully textured.

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