METALandMIRRORS: Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2015 XL90 Fishtail

Friday, March 9, 2018

Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2015 XL90 Fishtail

Woooo! I am in a great mood today! Don't you love a fresh new haircut? I love my hairdresser and my hair. When you find someone with magic fingers and who really enjoys their career, it shows. They radiate confidence and you can feel it too. I consider myself lucky to have found her and appreciate that this one whim I did, did not backfire on me and left me still looking for, yet, another hairdresser. I love that she empowers her clients to schedule their own appointments or reschedule if need be. No more standing at a desk for 30 minutes while the check-out person looks up what day you want, the time, what is getting done, tell you nope, then pick another day, and jump through hoops (which y'all know by now I hate to do). Her location suits me just fine and her personality is phenomenal.

We were speaking about St. Patrick's Day and it coming up and I thought that it would be a great time to talk about the collection of pipes for this special occasion. The first one we have is the Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2015 XL90 Fishtail. This one is a bent Billiard, that has a hearty bold shape with a  charming spot-carved bead line. This one was hard to find as most are when they come out each year. They sell out pretty fast and though some are used as smokers, most are just used as collectibles.

2015 xl90 fishtail pipe green silver black

This one was smoked once and then decided that it would be a collectible and made into a showcase one. We switched up our collection about this time and decided to go with collecting Peterson's for St. Patrick's Day and Savinelli for Christmas. The length of this one is 5.60" and the weight is 2.30 oz. The height is 1.95" and the outside diameter is 1.58". The stem is a black Vulcanite. It has a lovely silver and green band.

What made this one so unique was the partial rustication around the top of the bowl. Even if people don't remember the year it was made, once the bowl is mentioned they instantly know which one is being referenced. Each year, Peterson tries to embody something different about St. Patrick's Day and this one hit the nail right on the head.

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