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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2016 B10 Fishtail

Hello and welcome from prodigious Vegas! Yes! My twin asked me a couple months ago to go with her. I have never been and she has been almost 10 times. It was kind of a whim situation and one that came with many emotions, needless to say. I love sharing experiences with people. I wrote a blog about this in the past and was going to link it for you, and after writing for a couple years, I can't seem to remember which one it was to link. If you recall, please let us know in the comment section 😁.  However, the gist of the experience is to live life in the now and be in the moment. Share an experience with someone that creates a memory. This is what I am doing. I made a list and wrote charger on the list so many times, my husband laughed at it. I didn't want to forget them. My first "adult" trip with my twin! Beyond ecstatic!

2016 B10 Fishtail pipe tobacco

Today's pipe is another nice experience. It is the Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2016 B10 Fishtail. If you are a fan of calabash shaped pipes, and are not necessarily looking for an oversized gourd, then you are the reason why Peterson has crafted this intensely unique piece. Made and designed to honor the Irish tradition of St. Patrick's Day, this limited edition pipe was a charm to add to the showcase.

fishtail st patrick's day 2016

The shape of this pipe is a Calabash. The Calabash shape is an interpretation of the classic Gourd Calabash. It has a flared rim and tapered bowl and these pipes are usually bent, sometimes to an extreme degree. The length on this one is 5.35" and the weight is 1.97 oz. The height is 2.08" and the outside diameter is 1.70" This one does not have a filter. It is a smooth finished briar and the stem is a black vulcanite. I am partial to the color orange and am loving the band detail on this one.

You probably have noticed by now that the Christmas collection is all 606's, for tradition, and the St. Patrick's collection is varied, for fun, to match the holiday's.

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