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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2017 03 Fishtail

Woohoo, Vegas! OK! OK, I won't bore you with all the fun we have been having, but it's been so much fun. I am, also, extremely happy I remembered to bring my silicone heel insoles to help my feet and ankles while walking around this beautiful city. If you would like to see some of our convivial times, then follow me on one of my social media platforms for more pics and blurbs. Just click on my name to read more about me and find my linky winkies! 

st. patricks day 2017 pipe vegas

You know what else is fun? The pipe of today! It is the Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2017 03 Fishtail. The 03 from Peterson is a pretty identifiable shape, being a plump, low-slung bent Apple. It manifests itself perfectly with the classic combinations of an emerald green smooth finish, nickel accent, and a jet-black vulcanite stem. This one is a great jaw-hanger, if you're into that, with its fishtail and low weight of 1.82oz. A fishtail means that it is slightly flared out at the tip of the stem, just like the tail of a fish.

st. patricks day 2017 tobacco life green collection

The length is 5.24" and the height is 1.55". The outside diameter is a little over the height of the bowl coming in at 1.58". This one beckons to be filled with some good ole craic {Irish slang meaning a good time or fun} from Peterson called Sweet Killarney with its amaretto taste and aroma. Perfect for the feast of St. Patrick.

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