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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2018 03 Bent Apple

We made it! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! Are you ready?! What are you doing for it? I love wearing green and being part of the festivities. I didn't at work, though. I sometimes would wear a little green or a hint of something, but for the most part, I didn't. I didn't want to be a part of the small group that got called out for being for St. Patrick's Day. It was weird at my old job, things that should have been celebrated seldom were and things that didn't need mentioning were glorified. Towards the end, we could feel the ripples turning into small waves and eventually the company was sold.

pipe 03 bent apple st patricks day

I was speaking with my old boss one day about positivity and the difference between a team and a group. He wasn't getting it and trying to say that they were the same thing. Le sigh, you can't make a horse drink. He, instead, rebutted by saying something along the lines of killer instinct must be harnessed if expected to survive in combat. Combat? Killer instinct? Are we talking about trying to build a strong team or go to war with each other? How sad that is the type of thought he had at work. Maybe if he joined the festivities once in a while and celebrated with his co-workers, his view would've been different. Who knows, just saying. Have a little fun, wear some green.

Speaking of green... GREEN.... is today's pipe, the Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2018 03 Bent Apple. This year's select briars are finished in an Emerald shade color bowl and brilliant yellow acrylic stem. The entire limited edition line showcases a polished Silver Army Mount that is sure to impress. With its broad, plump curves and stout proportions, Peterson's 03 bent Apple is a great example of the marque's muscular approach to classic pipe design. Given its importance as a Peterson paradigm, it's a fitting addition to the marque's special edition St. Patrick's Day 2018 line, appropriately dressed in a rich emerald stain with a bright sterling silver mount to match.

pipe 2018 03 bent apple army-mount

Charles Peterson believed that a man’s smoking pipe was a signature piece of his individual style and Peterson pipes are still made with this idea in mind today. Peterson pipes are some of the best tobacco pipes, according to many smokers, because of the Peterson System and Peterson mouthpiece which gives the smoker a cool, dry, and comfortable smoking experience. Their famous motto, The thinking man smokes a Peterson Pipe, is a nod to perhaps their most famous customer, the fictional Sherlock Homes.

2018 03 bent apple pipe army-mount green yellow

The length of this one is 5.12" and the weight is 1.6 oz. The height is 1.50" and the outside diameter is 1.57". This one does not have a filter. It is great for clenching and the "Army Mount" takes care of the issue of mortise/tenon joints being notoriously weak by reinforcing the mortise with a metal cap, and by using a stem that doesn't include a tenon, but instead tapers down to a flat point where it can fit into the mortise. This removes the weak point on the stem and the taper reduces the surface area in contact with the mortise, thereby reducing the amount of grip, allowing the stem to be removed easily. When in use the mortise swells and grips the stem, so the stem won't simply fall out of the mount.

This year's design got a lot of kick-back from the community, in general. To have an all line of army-mount was not satisfying the majority. I get it, they try to do something each year that is different from the last. The colors are classic for St. Patrick's Day and I like it. The stem color also received some bashing from the community. Again, I like it. I am not a fan of army-mounts in the big scheme of things; it just doesn't tap my fancy. However, I think it works for this one. As this is for the showcase and not the rotation, I like it. I have no qualms with this year and I think the community will warm up to it with time. It is, after all, a limited edition.

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