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Monday, March 19, 2018

Phil Rivara Inuit Calabash

Hello, hello! Welcome back to the blog. I had a wonderful time last week showing off some Peterson St. Patrick's pipes along with some tobacco. All leading up to the Peterson Pipe Show when I returned home at the Tinder Box in Dublin, Oh. We had a fun time and picked up some new showcase pipes while we were there laughing and carrying-on. I will share with you all coming up soon on the blog.

However, today's pipe is one we picked up a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to share this one for awhile and held off until after The St. Patrick's series was over. Now, I can share this beauty with y'all.

We met up at the smoke hole one day and was talking to the patrons and one of the fellows mentioned another place across town (in a different town, actually) that had some different pipes and he knew the owner personally. We had not been there before, so off we went to explore a new place. It was copacetic and had many pipes to choose from in the cases. Clearly, we were behind the eight ball on this place as it was busy-busy! I was happy to see it so rocking with fellow pipers.

I met someone special there, whom will be featured on another blog, squeee! Then, while we were looking around and deciding on pipes, we were brought over a couple sweet ones. They, literally, were just brought in from the mail and they weren't even marked, yet. We got to see the unboxing and voila! We now have one in our showcase.

ivory brown pipe signed tobacco life

This is the Phil Rivara Inuit Calabash. Rivara is out of California and his focus is on unique shapes and designs and he also enjoys making walking sticks. Here's the thing, we really didn't know much about this particular artist. We loved the lines, the look, the color, and the feel. I looked him up and still didn't find out too much more.

I listened to a podcast on the Pipes Magazine Radio Show he did and it was entertaining with his stories. He decided to go into pipe making while he was working in his friends' automotive machine shop and tried to walk across the room and kept falling over. He went to the doctor to find out he had a tumor and had to remove his ear. His went back six months later to do it again. He feels blessed his life was saved and it changed his direction in careers. He dabbled in pipe making here and there and decided this was his calling so he could focus on pipe making while still taking his time in life.

ivory brown pipe tobacco life

This pipe measures 5.25" in length and 2.13" in height. The weight 3.0 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.70". The stem material is acrylic and the shape is Calabash. It has a smooth finish and the bowl is briar. 

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