METALandMIRRORS: Radice Twin Bore Classic Underwood Billiard

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Radice Twin Bore Classic Underwood Billiard

It's March already! Spring starts on the 20th. I am so ready! It is the mental side of it to know it is coming and, hopefully, bring warmer temps. Of course, I know where I live, we could have a snow storm on the first day of Spring. Nevertheless, it is still Spring and I am looking forward to it. Every pretty day I will be out in it after being cooped up all Winter. I have to get my bike tires inflated, again, as they have deflated just sitting there all Winter. I'm looking forward to hearing all the new birds back singing and the bees buzzing around. Yes, and cutting grass. I love to mow the lawn. Come on Spring and warmer temps, I know you can do it!

Oh! Speaking of bees. This little honey of a number today is ready for Spring sporting its candle-wax styled rim and top of the bowl. It is the Radice Twin Bore Classic Underwood Billiard.

Radice's 'Classic' series pipes were the first to feature the Twin-Bore system. The combination of the superb rustication, the military styled shank, and the stem, made this series an instant success when the Twin-Bore was first launched so many years ago. As the name would imply, it has since become a classic. 

twin bore classic underwood pipe

The length of this one is 5.50" and the weight is an even 2 oz. The height is 1.95" and the outside diameter is 1.68". This one does not have a filter. It has a nice "locking" feel to it when the stem is put into the shank.

Many brands have a history dating back to a couple hundred years ago and it is appreciated all they went through, survived, and surmounted in their journey to bring us and share with us their love. Because they were willing to be pioneers in this industry, we are able to welcome new brands. I love that this brand was forming when I was alive. I was six when Luigi decided to undertake a new adventure and in 1980 founded Pipa Radice. From the beginning, his son, Gianluca, joined the workshop, together with Luigi's father, Paolo Radice, who helped in some basic steps of production.

twin bore classic underwood pipe

The Billiard shape is possibly the most ubiquitous of the pipe shapes. It has the cylindrical bowl, a shank that is equal in length to the height of the bowl and can wear any stem type while still remaining a Billiard. Variants include the longer shanked Lumberman, as well as the higher bowled Stack or Chimney.

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Briar Report said...

This series has really come together nice, very interesting. We decided yesterday to add you to the blogs permanent links on our website and we even put it up in the news linked section. Well done, I hope more people take the time to read your blog.

Gabrielle said...

@BriarReport Oh my gosh! That is so amazing. Thank you for reading my blogs and sharing the love with your community. This is such an honor from you and your amazing website and team. I really appreciate it. Thank you. I look forward to sharing and collaborating in the future!

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