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Sunday, March 25, 2018

R.C. Sands Bent Apple

I'm at the tattoo parlor today. Essentially, we have the place to ourselves. The Chicago Tattoo & Art Show is currently going on and most of the tattooists are off to share their work in Chi-Town. My husband is almost finished with his birthday tattoo from September. It was a cover-up from his old law enforcement days. I'm excited to show the progression of the journey when it's completed. It's so fantastic and I'll bring that blog to you in about a month or so, give or take.

Speaking of bringing something back to y'all; remember I mentioned I met someone special at a pipe and tobacco store across town? Well, here he is, Mr. R.C. Sands of RC Sands pipes himself.

pipe burning leaf tobacco smoking

We were looking at different pipes and I was mentioning to the associate that we have some R.C. Sands pipes and we had bought them at another pipe shop close to downtown. We were talking back and forth about Chuck (R.C. Sands) and it was like being on a television show and having something planned ahead of time. He walked up behind me and the associate motioned to the "space" beside me and said, "Speak of the devil and there he is." What the what?! Why did I act like a fangirl?? Ha!

pipe tobacco life ladies

To bring someone to life after having one thought and/or perception about them and now standing before you from a name on a pipe is crazy in its own right. I've had the fortune of having tea with a Georgia Senator, having a beer with a Prime Minister in the Netherlands, having a fish dinner with a band and their Mother's, cookies and coffee over a color discussion with a makeup company co-founder, and among several other people and meetups, I don't ever recall being as excited as I was to meet someone by chance.

pipe tobacco life ladies

Each experience is special and cherished in its own right and I believe as we get older, we process those experiences differently. When you're in the moment and something surprises you in a good way it's going to settle dissimilarly in your memories than one that was planned and thought out. Every day I'm reminded of small blessings I have had and get to have in my life.

As you can tell, I use this one pretty regularly. I like the softer aromatics in it. It is perfect for jaw hanging, holding whilst you talk amongst friends, and lunting. Chuck has been making pipes for several years and though he started out in his basement he has since moved to a small workshop and his back porch on a nice day. He distributes in local pipe shops and online. He has sold hundreds of the pipes he makes by hand using only Grecian Briar. He spends countless hours hand sanding each pipe and finishes them off by stamping the bottom of the shank with his logo.

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