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Friday, March 23, 2018

Savinelli Caramella Rusticated 128

Have y'all seen the new Savinelli website? I saw the announcement the other day and totally got off track down the rabbit hole of the Internet and forgot to go look at it. I finally remembered and wow, it did not disappoint. They really put thought and effort into achieving a new look. Kudos all around. It is hard work to totally overhaul a website and they did a fantastic job.

My favorite section is the vintage section. I am sure, some of you already knew this. However, my favorite thing about this section is not that it is "vintage" per se, but that it has several that I already own and I know now that they are considered vintage (like I feel some days, ha!). I love that it has a plethora of merchandise on the website and several different categories with one being how to smoke a pipe. I'm enthused that they show ladies smoking a pipe and not just in a "sexual" way, le sigh. We are few but proud!

Savinelli opened its first store, one of the first stores in the world dedicated exclusively in selling smoking items, in 1876. The shop is still at its original location today and is a meeting place where passionate smokers could and can exchange opinions and discuss experiences. It was there, in that little shop that opened over 140 years ago, that Achille Sr. began designing pipes. Thanks to all the many years and pipes Savinelli has brought to us so that I can show you this tasty morsel and many more to come.

caramel chocolate cream pipe smoking

The Savienlli Caramella is, if it was not already quite obvious, an unusual series. The dark walnut finishes, chocolate-colored stems, and uniquely patterned ferrules are, indeed, designed to emulate the look of caramel candy. That oddball combination does work to its intended effect, to say the least, as you can plainly see here in this traditional 128 rusticated straight Billiard.

chocolate caramel cream swirl pipe smoking

The length is 6.02" and the height is 1.84". The weight is 1.39 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.44". The Savinelli will take a 6mm filter or, as always, it can be smoked without a filter.

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