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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Savinelli Dolomiti Rusticated 320KS

I spent this past weekend with some of my family for my great-nephew's first birthday. I was remembering this morning the day my first niece, his Mother, was born. I was in Mrs. Hamilton's class, 6th grade, Heard Elementary School in Macon, Ga., and the secretary boomed from the classroom speaker to let me know that my sister had her baby, it was a girl and healthy. It was the first time I remember wanting to cry from joy and not sadness. The class was happy, as well. I'm from the South where it takes a village to raise a child, so essentially, my sister brought another villager into this world.

I was holding my great niece's hand, another offspring of said niece above, and we were jumping bricks. For a two-year-old, those were massive gaps and a canyon to jump over. She did splendidly and at one point, she looked at me and at her hand that I was holding and said OK, then she jumped a big jump. I knew what she was doing, she was reaffirming that I had her. Her Mom did the same thing 28 years earlier, but it was a twirly thing on the playground. I said the same thing to my great niece that I said to her Mom and that my Dad said to me, "I got you, you are always safe when you are with me". What a beautiful sentence to declare to a child and to affirm to them in their time of apprehension.

This brings us to our last 320 of the series collection that we have, for now. Actually, there is probably one in the mail that I will have to add in at a later date, ha! There will always be a new Savinelli 320 to obtain and I will gladly share them as they find their way to me. This one is the Savinelli Dolomiti Rusticated 320KS. This plump, over-sized Author shape is presented here in the rugged, mountainous range of the Dolomiti - featuring a warm, low-profile rustication and an accent and mouthpiece patterned to resemble horn.

Rusticated 320KS pipe life

The length is 5.45" and the weight is 2.10oz. The height is 1.63" and the outside diameter is 1.94". This one can use a 6mm filter, also. The stem has beautiful coloring and goes so well with the color of the bowl and shank. Like the ones before this one, they all hold beautifully. There is a scaled down petite version called the Savinelli 321. I don't have any of those as they are a little on the smaller side for my hand. However, they are popular for clenchers, mouth-hangers, or if one just prefers a smaller bowl or chamber.

rusticated 320 ks pipe life

As you can see from the picture below that we have a few spots open to fill. Don't worry, we won"t leave them empty for long. We don't want a draft getting in there, ha! I hope you enjoyed this mini-series on the 320's as much as I did showing them to you and writing about them. Let me know your favorite Savinelli 320 and what you like to enjoy in it. Maybe, we will all find something new to try from the discussion.

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