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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

T. Polinski Rock Billiard

Bonjour! You guys, gals, and everyone in between, why is it so hard to start writing today?!? Oh, my goodness; like this is what I do and yet, I'm staring at this keyboard and finding everything to do and think about instead of writing. This happens, sometimes. It is OK. Motivation comes from within and we must constantly motivate ourselves to do. Daily unrelenting motivation to ourselves to encourage ourselves to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. Even if that only means adding one extra step today, one extra smile today, or even one extra word on a computer. So, I gave myself a pep talk and here I am.

I'm not a Northern girl or even a Midwestern girl where there is cold and snow. If anything, being in warmer temperatures for the past two weeks and coming back home to snow and ice only solidified that for me. It was energizing to be able to go outside sleeveless and walk all day and not worry about the weather. One night it did get cool-ish, but I didn't even care! I will take cool-ish over the cold. I loved the hustle and bustle and where everything was at my fingertips. I felt extremely independent and warm. I didn't even wear my sunglasses, though I probably should have. However, I wanted to see the vibrant colors and see the sun and squint. I wanted to embrace all this weather wanted to give me. I tried my best to wrangle it and bag it up to bring home, but alas, I could not.

You know what I was able to do though? Bring you this pipe of today! This is such a classic pipe. The shape, the color, and the stem. It is a T. Polinski Rock Billiard. The "T" stands for Tadeusz. I found this little gent sitting up on a wall literally collecting dust. I had to wipe it off to see the true colors. When I saw the "spot and short line" on the stem I knew it was a Polinski. It reminds me of a music note. Also, to boot, is that it has the name on the shank. Polinksi is a Polish name and they, his wife and him, live in Poland.

tadeusz pipe p emblem

Polinski uses briars that are made of Italian Sea-Rock and Corona Spanish briars. They began their career using Albanian briars and transitioned to utilizing some of the finest briars world-wide. They mark the stem with their personal trademark on the left side. Their pipes, commonly, are enormously huge briar with huge sized bowls crafted in relatively short-stemmed lengths with rusticated finishes. 
Tadeusz pipe rusticated

The Polinski's believe that these pipes are a great asset to have for an outdoor-pipe in which to withstand the rigors of unpredictable areas. In the community, the pipes offer up a superb smokability that rivals the big brands recognized for quality. The length is 6.0" and the height is 2.51". The weight is 3.20 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.80".

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