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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tom Leedy Freehand Pipe

Good morrow to you fine specimens. How is everyone on this beautiful morning? Alive and well I see, alive and well. That is half the battle, indeed. I hear the birds chirping away outside the window. It is that time of year when the birds know Spring is here and, yet, Mother Nature seems to be in a spat with the season, for some reason. Le sigh. I do wish they would figure it out and let warmer temps and sunshine come on through. If it decides to stop raining and/or snowing, I will set up the bird feeders again so all the new younglings will have food when they hop on out of their cozy little eggs.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that we found this small family owned pipe and tobacco shop in Dayton on one of our visits to see my niece. It was closed the day we went and we found a different place to go. Well, we made it back over there and they were open! We were visiting family for my nephews 1st birthday and decided while we were over there to head on over to Leedy's.

My eldest sister decided it would be fun to tag along, so her, my husband, and myself all jumped in the car and off we went. It was a nice little shop. He had a selection of pipes and tobacco and a good sitting area. He, also, had his workshop off to the side in a little room. He was so personable and proud of his shop and store. He really enjoyed what he did. Tom and my husband talked like old friends and my sister and I had fun smelling all the tobacco and looking at the different pipes. There were a couple patrons in the lounge area that were regulars. Can't you always tell the regulars when you go into a new shop for the first time? Ha!

pipe tobacco cigar dayton

My husband worked with Leedy on this pipe, well, not so per se this pipe, they worked on getting a stem for it and found one. However, two other pipes he is working in conjunction with Leedy. He was invited to come back and spend a day with him in his workshop and to exchange ideas. I am looking forward to going back there, for sure. It was such a great small hometown shop.

pipe tobacco life ladies dayton cigars

Tom Leedy prides himself on his pipes always being freehand with no lathe work involved. He loves his designs to be unique and sometimes he gains inspiration from the danish makers. He prefers sitter pipes and considers them to be his prized pipes. He uses antler and various types of wood in his creations such as briar, fruit-woods, and olive wood.

pipe tobacco cigar dayton life ladies

This is a briar with a length of 6" and a height of 3.26". This one is not a clencher or jaw-hanger at all coming in at 6.8 oz. Even though the outside diameter is 2.75" and it is a hefty pipe, the chamber depth is only 1.74" for a shorter smoke. The stem material is acrylic, even though Leedy prefers to work with vulcanite for stems.

Overall, it was a nice time there and my sister and I enjoyed each other's company and I enjoyed watching my husband act like a kid in a candy shop. I look forward to going back and if you are ever around Clayton/Dayton OH, look him up. Leave a comment and shout out if you are ever in the area and want to meet up. There was plenty of room there to hang out and enjoy a nice fresh bowl.

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