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Monday, April 30, 2018

Danny Boy Dragon's Breath

Hi everyone! Good morning, good morning! Today is supposed to reach in the 60's, although it is 38° F right now. I am still calling it a win if it reaches the 60's! Come on warmer weather, you can do it! I just finished cleaning the windows so when that sunshine peaks its head through I will be ready. The big windows, such as the doors, front and back. All the smaller windows can be a job for not me, ha!

This pipe of today reminds me of crisp chilled air and sitting back and relaxing in the sun. This was our very first owned and puffed pipe. It is the Danny Boy Dragon's Breath. We picked this up while we were at the Ohio Renaissance Faire. We, normally, would browse the selection and never buy, but this particular day, the sun and moon aligned just right and voila! We have our first pipe.

pipe renaissance faire filter pear wood

It is a Pear wood with an ebonite stem. It can hold a 9mm filter, if wish. Pear wood is a great alternative to Briar wood as it is very dense and considered a hard wood. Another note would be to mention that Pear wood gives off a pleasant smell and taste while smoking. Not overpowering, very subtle, but it's there.

pear wood ohio renaissance faire pipe

The length of this one is 7" and the height is 2.5". The chamber diameter is .7" and the depth is 1.2". Danny Boy is relatively "new" to the scene coming about in 2010 when they opened their doors at The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. They started out with only clay pipes and a few hardwoods. Since their pipe dream began (get it? pun intended, ha!) the rest, as they say, is history.

pipe pear wood filter faire

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Anonymous said...

Mine too, awesome!

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