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Monday, April 16, 2018

Peterson System Standard Ebony B42 P-Lip

I know I am running late today and hopefully, you will have some lunchtime reading instead of morning coffee reading. Or, you are more than welcome to save this for the morning if you are too busy at lunch and just need to read all the best with your morning Jamba Juice, then it will be here for you, waiting patiently with bells on.

I've been updating some past blogs and tweaking them and noticed that I wrote an earlier blog late in 2017 that I had a favorite pipe to smoke and never followed up with what my favorite pipe was and still is. I apologize. Hold me accountable, let me know if I messed up and kept y'all on the edge of your seat for three months to find out what my favorite pipe is, ha!

This is it, the Peterson System Standard Ebony B42 P-Lip. I know the P-Lip gets some heat. It is one of many a debate on which is better the fishtail or the P-Lip. Some people hate it and some love it. Very rare is the person whom wavers in between. I am the one that loves it, of course. I feel it brings the taste through so much better and it doesn't hit the back of my throat constantly.

standard ebony pipe large extra

I had smaller pipes up until I purchased this. This one has a larger chamber and though I wasn't looking for a larger chamber when I got this one, I was looking for a larger outside bowl. I had never experienced a P-Lip before this and thought that it holds great and the color is stunning in person. It is so elegant and I love holding this pipe. After the first smoke, I was smitten. I tend to grab this pipe first and then look at the other pipes sitting there and feel bad that I don't rotate them more, so I give in to pipe peer pressure, ha! This beauty knows where she stands though and steps aside graciously to let another in the rotation as she knows I will always go back to her.

pipe tobacco ladies life

Peterson's "B42" or "Darwin" shape is essentially an extra-shapely bent Apple with a stout, muscular look in profile. While it originated in its own one-shape series, over the years it's made its way into much of the Peterson lineup, including the Ebony version of the System Standard you see here.

system standard ebony pipe life ladies tobacco

The length of this one is 6.21" and the height is 2.15". The weight is 2.85 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.88". The stem is acrylic. Peterson is the world's oldest briar pipe-making business in continuous operation being they were founded in 1865. I love that their website states to drop in and say hello with their address in Dublin, Ireland. Exactly 48-49 Nassau Street, Dublin 2 D02 R983, if you happen to be in the area. Tell them I sent you........ and they will smile and say who? Y'all can have a good laugh and start your experience in the shop with abundant happiness.

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