METALandMIRRORS: Rinaldo Lithos YYT Blue Bent Dublin

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rinaldo Lithos YYT Blue Bent Dublin

I slept in today. I told myself before I went to bed last night that I wanted to wake up early and get my day started and then when today came and I looked out my window and saw all that snow. I gave myself permission to go back to sleep for an hour or so longer. Although, it is exceedingly fluffy today. Just beautiful. I'm just tired of the cold, though. I was handling Winter/Spring pretty well. Had some few bumps here and there, but for the most part, I was good. Then, I went to Vegas and wore sleeveless tops and was out every day walking and enjoying the weather. I loved every second of it. When I came back home to snow and cold temperatures and turtlenecks and coats, that's when I started having problems. I'm just over it. It was cold on Saturday and I refused to dress for the weather. Refused, you hear me! I wore capris and a t-shirt. I had on a light sports jacket and yes, I was freezing!! Who cares, it was the principle. I couldn't bring myself to dress all bundled up. Ah well, such is the life. One day I will move to warmer temps again, just not today.

fluffy winter spring white

Today's pipe is a real warmer to the hand though. It is an estate pipe. A fellow smoke hole comrade wanted to sell it and it is my husband's favorite color and a Rinaldo, so boda bing boda boo, and here it is. I tried to snap a pic of my husband actually puffing on it, but it was so jovial in there Saturday that I missed the opportunity. That is OK. I have the memories of the day. There will be other opportunities, I'm sure.

used estate squat bulldog

The Rinaldo brand began in 1987. It produces about 1500 pipes a year and mainly are the classic shapes, but with a more rustic design than the majority of Italian brands. They use briar from Liguria and use Lucite stems. The stamp is the foil "R" and RINALDO with the grading from one to four Y and the stylized Greek letters ρ and ι.

While Rinaldo's range of shapes can often be rather playful, as far as color palettes go, Elio and Guido tend to keep things fairly conservative. This bent Dublin breaks the mold so to speak then, presenting the stout-walled shape in a deep phthalo blue rustication. The rim has been left smooth as well, stained in a blue and forest green style of contrast, revealing a sea of whirling Birdseye.

estate used handsome

The length is 6.50" and the weight is 4.0 oz. The height is 1.94" and the outside diameter is 2.42". It can be hefty, no doubt. We talked about whether this could be a mouth hanger or not and it was half and half at the smoke hole on if it could be. It, basically, ended up being that if one had to they could, but for the most part, maybe hold it unless it had the bite piece on the end. If it didn't, then it will get the teeth marks as it is on the heavier side and it will have to be clenched harder to hold it longer. As always, to each their own.

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